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Welcome to The Weighted Blanket Store and More

So you suffer from Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, PTSD, Parkinson's, ASD or other mental or physical problems?  I may be able to help.

I have been making weighted blankets and other weighted items like, collars and lap pads, for over 5 years.  I customize and hand make each blanket to the individual.  I work face to face with you to discuss what you need and what I can do to help.  I became aware of the need for weighted items because both of my boys are on the Autism Spectrum and while they were in speech therapy I learned of the benefits and help weighted blankets could give.  The sensory input can help calm, restore peace, relieve anxiety and stress, help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

With weighted items, like the blankets, I use your weight, size and age to determine the correct weight for the item you need.  Although weighted blankets are sold in a lot of stores now, they are a therapeutic item and it is the correct weight that make the work.  If you buy a blanket that is not right for you, you may get the mistaken idea that you didn't need a weighted blanket after all, when in fact, a blanket with the correct weight can make a world of difference for you.

I use Polar Fleece for the covers because of the feel.  Most people that need weighted blankets have sensory processing problems and the feel of the fabric is just as important as the weight.  I use polished aquarium gravel for the  weight because it can be machined wash and dried and helps keep my prices down.

*Blankets 10lbs and under can be machine washed and dried and are $80.00.
*Blankets over 10lb cannot be machine washed and dried and must be made in two pieces. 
*The inner part is made with cotton and has the weight sewn into pockets. 
*The cover which separate and included in the price, is made with the fleece. 
*I Velcro the two pieces together so the inside won't end up on the floor when you pick it up. 
*It has zippers so the it can be removed for machine washing and drying.  $100.00
*Oh, yes, you get to choose the fabric for the cover from a large selection on my website.  Take a look: 
*And remember, you do not pay any extra for the cover!

You won't find that in the stores!

Come into the store and lets talk about what I can do to help.  While we are talking you can be looking at the be at the fabrics I have right there.  See you soon.